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Billie Eilish Not my Responsibility lyrics

Billie Eilish Not my Responsibility lyrics

Do you know me

Really know me

You have opinions

About my opinions

About my music

About my clothes

About my body

Some people hate what I wear

Some people praise it

Some people use it to shame others

Some people use it to shame me

But I feel you watching


And nothing I do goes unseen

So while I feel your stares

Your disapproval

Or your sigh of relief

If I lived by them

I’d never be able to move

Would you like me to be smaller




Would you like me to be quiet

Do my shoulders provoke you

Does my chest

Am I my stomach

My hips

The body I was born with

Is it not what you wanted

If I wear what is comfortable

I am not a woman

If I shed the layers

I’m a slut

Though you’ve never seen my body

You still judge it

And judge me for it


We make assumptions about people

Based on their size

We decide who they are

We decide what they’re worth

If I wear more

If I wear less

Who will decide what that makes me

What that means

Is my value based only on your perception

Or is your opinion of me

Not my responsibility

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